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Copy of Clients 2018




Artists. FilmMakers. Writers.

"She's some kind of horse-whisperer for writers, it’s amazing"

— Dave McLeod, Writer


"Robin reviewed my my application for the Sundance Screenwriter's Lab and gave suggestion as to how I should go about editing, and encouraged me to write in a way that builds the dramatic, emotional story rather than just explaining the plot linearly. She quickly recognized the strengths and weaknesses of my writing, and advised on what I should be expanding on. This was extremely helpful in finding my voice in the piece, and not letting it get lost."

— Jimmy chorng, filmmaker


"I found Robin’s method of working to be efficient and thorough in shaping my vision. Robin has a wonderful way of reading texts analytically, whilst holding the writer’s intentions and visions intact. The result of working with her is a richly expanded work that best captures your voice as a writer. 

— Sifiso mabena, playwright & poet

Robin has the singular ability to see the work from the inside and outside—an ability that is often lacking in even the best editors. She has an exacting eye and a huge heart, and this combination has helped me solve problems of content, tone, and structure, while still maintaining the work’s intent and integrity. Her experiences in the editing, publishing, and teaching arenas give her a broad, nuanced perspective. For both creative endeavors and practical pursuits, I go to Robin first; I trust her sensitivity, intelligence, and instincts over anyone’s."

— Anne-Marie thompson, poet


"In addition to her top-notch work as an editor, Robin’s critiques were some of the most thorough and insightful I’ve received, covering everything from story structure to use of language. Working with Robin made me a stronger candidate, helped me approach the overall process in a thoughtful fashion, and was always just a pleasure.

— Nathan hillstrom, writer


"Her critiques were wonderful—comprehensive and in-depth. They got me to think about the craft in new ways, and I felt more confident in myself as a writer. I discovered how to accentuate the core humanness of my story."

— ron-tyler budhram, writer